An open-minded company willing to search for new markets

LGV France is a human-wide company specialized in wine and spirits negotiation. Thanks to an experimented team, our company is able to find any solution depending on every clients' needs.

An experienced team

Thanks to an experienced team who cumulates more than 30 years of experience, LGV France is a wine and spirits wine merchant as principal activity. LGV France engages itself to provide the best customer service towards its clients by giving a service adapted to clients' needs.

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A reference amid wine merchants

If you are interested in buying or selling some Grand Crus Classés of Bordeaux, or any other region of France, LGV France is willing to be your partner, to benefit from a reliable, efficient and a quality service.

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Your investment Advisor

Do you want to invest in wines ? You can get access to wines for sale en primeur for those whose production can be bought like this. Sometimes, it can be real opportunities to make some good deals in a always more competitive sector.

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Do you want some more personalization?

We can provide private labels which can fit your bottle, as varied as you need.

Our pros?

We are very near from our vintners and producers, and our passion and our french-chinese double culture may be really adapted to your choices.

  • Proximity : we can provide a nice panel of products in exclusivity per area. With wine producers who engages themselves to provide the best quality, for Grands Crus as well as smaller properties.
  • Our passion of wines : located at Cours du Médoc, Quartier des Chartrons, in Bordeaux, we are at the nearest point of historical places and some of the most famous wine merchants. Besides, our wines are stocked in a well secured warehouse which will guarantee a certain consistency in providing deliveries on time.
  • A France-based Chinese company : our French-chinese team opens the Chinese markets doors wide for you. Our knowledge about the Chinese market will allow you to sell wines to China.
  • Our customer relationship : our company does not just look for a temporary clientele, we will do everything to build a long-term relationship by doing everything to keep you loyal.
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